Walk It Out: Managing Blood Sugar Levels By Walking


older couple walking and talking

Blood sugar levels play a major role in managing type-2 diabetes and exercise is one of the most important ways to maintain healthy glucose levels.

Tami Ross, RD, LD, a spokeswoman for the American Association of Diabetes Educators, says a 20 to 30-minute walk can bring about lower blood sugar levels for 24 hours.

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Some advantages of walking include:

  • Improved blood sugar control (click to see how)
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved cholesterol
  • Fewer complications from diabetes, such as heart disease and stroke
  • Weight loss and weight maintenance
  • Improved circulation and movement
  • Less stress and an overall feeling of well-being


If you’re thinking about exercising, it’s best to limit your activity to 30 minutes about five days a week when living with diabetes. That amount of time can provide about 24 hours of benefits.

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