Steph & Ayesha Curry: A True Love Story

steph curry and family

What’s not to love about the NBA all-star Steph Curry? Even if he’s not your favorite ball player or not on your favorite team, his baby-faced persona on and off the court are something to be proud of. He obviously takes pride in all of his relationships: his relationship with his wife, his daughter and even his dad. For Steph, it’s family first.

Love For His Wife, Ayesha

The NBA championship winner and Ayesha Curry met when they were just 14 and 15 years old in Charlotte, N.C.
The two met in youth group at the Central Church of God in Charlotte, which both their families attended. The couple then got married in 2011, and Curry lovingly called his wife, “my backbone,” in his NBA MVP speech.

Curry added, “You allow me to do what I do, to focus on basketball, my career, and still have a family. The sacrifices you make are unbelievable. I can’t thank you enough for who you are as a person, how you challenge me, how inspire me every single day.”

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Curry summed it all up when he said, “You deserve a round of applause,” as he ushered the audience to give his wife acknowledgement, too.

Love For His Daughter, Riley
Even in the midst of late-night games, crazy practice schedules and soaring fame, Ayesha and Stephen make time for family. Ayesha told Time, “Stephen attends practice every day, and gives his all during the games on an almost-nightly basis. When that’s over, all he wants is to see his daughter, his family.”

steph curry daughter

The adorable 2-year-old, Riley took the stage with her dad, Stephen Curry, after the Golden State Warriors defeated the Houston Rockets, advancing his team to the NBA Finals. She’s been seen in press conferences, on Instagram and everywhere with her superstar dad. Everywhere he can take her, Steph will take Riley with him. That’s love.