5 Of The Worst Jobs For Your Heart

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Your job really may be bad for your health.

A new study found a link between heart health – specifically heart disease and stroke – and certain jobs. Middle-age employees working in sales, office or food jobs, or working as police officers, firefighters, truckers and health care support workers are likely to have more risk factors critical to heart health than those with professional or managerial jobs, researchers said.

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These risk factors include blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, physical activity, smoking, diet and body mass index. Researchers from the U.S. Public Health Service conducted the study. More than 5,500 men and women ages 45 and older participated in the study, which assessed each individual’s heart health using the aforementioned risk factors called “Life’s Simple 7” by the American Heart Association.

1. Sales and office jobs

These workers are more likely to smoke and eat an unhealthy diet, according to the study. They also tend to be inactive physically at work and suffer from high blood pressure. Two of three sales or office workers had poor eating habits and bad cholesterol. Additionally, four out of five workers didn’t get enough exercise.

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2. Food service

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Employees at food service jobs ate worse than any other profession. Nearly four out of five reported a poor daily diet, possibly because they are eating the food at the restaurant during lunch breaks. Click here to find a natural solution to lower cholesterol and lower your risk for heart disease with Meta Daily Heart Health.

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