Gospel Legend Darryl Coley Died At 60

…started drinking more water, and fruit juices, and I started exercising and even lifting weights. I was on a real strict diet for about a year and a half.”

As Coley restricted his intake and restructured his eating habits, he says he asked God to help him maintain. Two years later he reports complete healing and no need for medication of any kind! “It was just simply standing on what God said, believing the Lord and holding on to my healing. I’ll tell anyone – it’s in the Word, ‘as you believe – so be it unto you,'” exclaims Coley. “It’s been an absolute miracle for me; I never took insulin and I haven’t taken any other medication for the last two years. God says the power of creation is still in our tongues and we can create by what we say and our body has to come in line with what we confess before God.”

The result of the entire ordeal strengthened Coley’s faith. “I’ve gotten to the place where I believe God for anything,” he says. “Your testimony means a whole lot more when you’ve faced it, gone through it, come out of it and you know God has proven himself.” Coley observes, “The Enemy meant (the diabetes) for my defeat, but it actually strengthened me, and taught me how to deal with the temple of the Holy Spirit which is my body, and how to keep it healthy so it can be fit for God’s service. It taught me how to be a good steward over this temple that God has given me.”

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