What To Do During An Asthma Attack

It is also important to recognize the signs of a severe asthma attack. In this situation, call an ambulance immediately. Some of these signs include the skin appearing as though it is sucked in between the ribs or neck, bluish discoloration of the lips, and difficulty breathing even after administering a rescue inhaler for several minutes.

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Tips for Living With Asthma

One of the best ways to manage asthma and decrease asthma attacks is to be proactive in your treatment. Asthma sufferers generally have triggers in which they may be more susceptible to having an asthma attack. A change of seasons, increased pollen in the air, pollution, viral infections, and stress can also be factors that increase your chances of having an asthma attack.

By doing the following, you can be more proactive in managing your asthma:

  • Have an asthma action plan in place which outlines what medications or actions should be taken when your asthma symptoms flare up.
  • Know which medication to take i.e., rescue inhaler or oral steroid, if necessary and establish a back up plan if rescue medications don’t help.
  • Know what triggers cause your asthma attacks i.e., allergens, smoke, chemicals, viral infections, etc.

My daughter tends to have an increased amount of asthma episodes during the spring and fall, which we discovered, was caused by increased pollen in the air. By working with her primary care physician, she has come up with a treatment plan to manage her asthma with daily use of a maintenance treatment and an emergency plan in the event that she has a sudden asthma attack.

You can do the same. Knowing what to do in the event of an asthma attack and also working with your physician to have a treatment plan in place to manage your asthma can help you prepare.

Having an asthma attack can be scary. But, if you know what to do when one occurs, you will remain one step ahead and know how to manage your asthma attack effectively.


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