Diggy Simmons: Opens Up About Being All Grown Up

Born on March 21, 1995 in Queens, New York, Diggy Simmons is the son of Joseph Simmons aka Rev Run and Justine Jones; he has five siblings, including Victoria Anne who died shortly after birth due to a birth defect. At the age of ten, he first came to the public’s attention after appearing in the MTV reality TV series, Run’s House (2005) which featured him alongside his parents and brothers. Historically, the middle kid gets no love. But Diggy is the exact opposite as he has taken the music and fashion world by storm and on his way to solidifying himself a triple threat (singer, actor, dancer).

Although he’s mostly known for his work as a rapper, Simmons also acts. In 2013, he made his debut on the small screen in the made-for-television movie, The Start Up, which he also helped to produce. From there, it wasn’t until 2016, that he appeared as an actor once again in an episode of the crime thriller, StartUp. Aside from live-action acting, he has also appeared in various TV shows such as Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day (2011), Fashion News Live (2013), Pop Wrapped TV (2015), and Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers (2016). At just twenty one years old, Simmons has already amassed countless credits to his name; not only is he a musician and actor, but he also launched his own line of sneakers back in 2010.

Opting out of choosing his father’s reputation to earn his hip-hop stripes, so far he’s done a good job of doing both with no controversy. He’s even managed to ride the thin line between being a lady’s man and gaining respect from your favorite rapper’s rapper. He’s done all this while growing up in the public eye.
“That’s what makes me so different,” explains Diggy. “In that time where you’re going from someone who is a kid into an adult, there are so many people you encounter and you learn different things in your life from. It’s like OK, I know how to go about this situation now, or I know how this works, or I just know how life works. Period.”

When he talks about his using his father’s legacy or being born into hip-hop royalty, Diggy doesn’t miss a step and wants to prove himself on his own.

“It’s tough if you let it be. My reasoning for making music was never about [my dad]. I shied away from it actually,…