Home Remedies For Sunburn

Aloe vera plantWith daylight savings time in place and summer right around the corner, many of us are starting to ramp up our planning for summer activities. As you spend more time outside in the sunlight, on the beach and in outdoor excursions it is crucial that you provide protection for your skin to prevent sunburn.

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But, in the event that you do suffer from sunburn, here are some home remedies you can use to relieve symptoms associated with sunburn:

1. Keep your skin cool. If you are suffering from sunburn, use a cool compress or take a cool shower or bath. If you want to promote healing of the burned area of your skin, put oatmeal in the bath water. This will help with the itchiness you may experience with sunburned skin. Or, you can opt to add in a cup of apple cider vinegar which will help to balance the alkalinity of the skin and help promote healing.

2. Moisturize the affected area. Use aloe vera to soothe and provide moisture to the skin. It will also provide some relief and comfort to the burned skin. Additionally, lotions that include aloe vera can be helpful in increasing moisture to your skin. As the sunburn heals, it is normal for the burned skin to become itchy. This moisture will help relieve some of the itchiness.

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