4 Ways To Manage Diabetes On A Budget

3. Generic v. Brand

The generic version of diabetes medication is typically cheaper than the brand name. This is usually the case for many medications regardless of the condition. “Ordering a higher prescription dose of medication and cutting the medication to the prescribed dose can make the medication last twice as long,” Noorhasan says. Speak with your physician about other supplies, such as meters and strips, which could be used with insulin to help lower the required dose for insulin-resistant diabetes.

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4. Managing high blood pressure

Just like diabetes, high blood pressure is a contributor to many heart-related diseases, such as stroke and even death. Limiting your salt intake is one way to manage your blood pressure. These foods are also beneficial in lowering blood pressure: tamarind drink, spinach, beans, sunflower seeds, bananas, spinach, squash, garlic, honey, ginger, cantaloupe, cumin seeds, cayenne pepper and lemon. Alcohol can also raise one’s blood pressure, so make sure to monitor your drinking habits.


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