Normalize Breastfeeding: 8 Things To Consider Before You Start Judging

mother breastfeeding childWhen a mother is carrying her child, we show her the utmost courtesy. But, mothers lose this privilege the moment they decide to breastfeed in public, regardless of whether or not they use a coverup. Mothers are constantly being asked to either breastfeed in their cars (regardless of the temperature) or a public restroom, a place where many people don’t even care to urinate.

Why is public breastfeeding still taboo for many? Rather than judging mother’s who choose to breastfeed in public, we should normalize public breastfeeding.

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It’s natural. But, it’s not “normal”.

We sexualize certain body parts so much, that we often forget the main function of them. Most of the time, when we see a nipple, or any interaction with a woman’s breasts, it’s in a sexual context. Mainstream media sells sex. So, I get the initial shock of seeing a mother breastfeed and feeling like she’s doing something wrong.

But, have you ever taken a second to try and understand that she may feel the same way? Many women have reported not being able to breastfeed because they feel like they’re sexually abusing their child. Even for moms who don’t feel this way, the idea of breastfeeding still takes some getting used to.

Seeing mothers breastfeed is how we learn to normalize it and remember what breasts are for.

As if breastfeeding doesn’t provide its own challenges, mothers also have to deal with complete strangers shaming them for breastfeeding in public.

In a time where people love to talk about clean eating and organic foods, you’d think mothers who breastfeed would have an overwhelming support system. But, that’s not always the case. Plenty of people like to argue that a baby can get all the nutrition they need from baby formula even though breast milk is more nutritious and free.

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There’s nothing to see here.

Let’s be honest. We really can’t see anything, especially if the mother has chosen to use a coverup to avoid onlookers (or the occasional pervert with a camera phone). Unless you catch her right before or after feeding, all you see is part of her breast (about as much as you’d see if a woman were wearing a revealing top) and the baby’s head.

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