3 Reasons Why Women Should Go Pee After Sex

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A healthy sex life isn’t just about what goes on during intercourse, it’s all about what happens before and even after sex.  After a round of calorie-burning, heavy-breathing, fulfilling orgasm-having sex, your first reaction may be to just lay there and bask in the “glow”, but here’s three reasons why you should get up and urinate after sex.

1.) Bladder Spasms

Bladder spasms are contractions of the bladder. They may be caused by a urinary tract infection (UTI) or irritation from a catheter. They may also occur in any disease that affects the nervous system, such as multiple sclerosis (MS). People who have had surgery in this area of the body might also have bladder spasms. While some people have frequent bladder spasms — possibly as a result of a chronic health issue like interstitial cystitis — many of us will experience a one-off bladder spasm from time to time after having sexual intercourse. And women who are penetrated vaginally aren’t the only people to report this feeling — some men have reported a similar “need to pee” sensation following ejaculation.

Feeling a bladder spasm after sex doesn’t mean that you’re incontinent, or going to pee on yourself, either — this contraction of bladder muscles simply creates the feeling that you must urinate immediately, but it doesn’t actually force you to go (your bladder could even be mostly empty when you feel this sensation).

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Emptying a full bladder prior to intercourse may be helpful in preventing a bladder spasm after sex. If you find yourself regularly experiencing this phenomenon.

2.) Uterine Contractions

You know how when you have an orgasm, it can feel like every muscle in your body is contracting? Many muscles do contract when you orgasm — and that can include your uterus.

Uterine contractions are typical during orgasm, and the bladder sits anatomically in close proximity, which means that those uterine contractions can jostle your bladder around. Throw in the extra blood flow and engorgement present in the…

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