Mindfulness: How It Can Help You Stress Less

It has more than one benefit.

Mindfulness does manage stress, but it also does much more. Not only does stress management practice provide a general feeling of wellness, but it also helps reduce stress-related conditions such as hypertension, cancer and diabetes.

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Study participants also noted direct improvements in their health. The physical aspects of mindfulness, including focused breathing, good posture and walking, were reported as a benefit to their physical health.

Participants also said they were more aware of their feelings and thought more about their purpose. The silence involved in mindfulness practices, in particular, increased “insight, peacefulness, and quality of life.”

It doesn’t involve religion.

MBSR is secular by design — not taking on any specific religious or spiritual ideologies to work for anyone.

“MBSR was specifically designed to be a nonreligious meditation practice so that individuals from diverse religious and spiritual backgrounds could experience the potential benefits,” the research says.

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Many participants in the study felt that many aspects of MBSR — especially meditation, quietness and being still — reminded them of prayer, but that there was no conflict since it does not involve religious beliefs. So, you can add in your own religious beliefs if you desire, but it’s not necessary.

If you find yourself constantly stressed, try incorporating a simple mindfulness practice like meditation to your daily routine.


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