Relax Your V: Would You Try Orgasmic Meditation?

African American woman relaxing with candles

By now, you might have heard of Orgasmic Meditation. But in case you haven’t, well… it’s exactly what it sounds like. Women are paying $95 a month (after a $100 sign-up fee) for unlimited OM sessions of meditation achieved through clitoral stimulation. Now, some might ask, ‘What’s the difference between OM and masturbation?’ and others may call it a legal ‘happy ending.” I recently had the chance to sit with Emily Schiffer, an OM enthusiast, and got the scoop on this new lunchtime trend.

What is OM?

“Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is a 15-minute consciousness practice where a person strokes the upper left-hand quadrant of a woman’s clitoris with no goal except to feel. We talk about orgasm as any sensation or feeling that occurs. So, it is not just that explosive 10-20 second climax. There are gradients of sensation that can often be quite subtle,” said Emily Schiffer, a Mills College graduate who’s currently enrolled in the One Taste coaching program.

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One Taste

One Taste is arguably the most popular OM clinic in the US. Started in San Francisco, they have branched out to many major cities including Las Vegas and New York. Their clientele report having an increase in energy and intimacy within sexual and platonic relationships after practicing OM. More importantly, they testify to having a deeper connection with and understanding of themselves. Some even say OM has helped them to overcome shame and an anorgasmic diagnosis.

Nicole Daedone, CEO of One Taste, told the Chopra Well, “Orgasm is vital for every woman and man on the planet. It roots our fundamental need for visceral, human-to-human connection. Orgasm, as experienced through OM, is a renewable, sustainable, regenerative resource creating a more complex, attentive and connected world.” Daedone compares orgasm to vitamin C, a vital nutrient that we aren’t getting enough of.