Study Shows Traveling Helps You Lose Weight & Have More Sex

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When most people hear the term, “medical study” or “research study” it’s usually boring or something bad following it, like “studies show you may die from this” or “research has found that you will this disease.” Well, perk up, because this is not one of those studies. In fact, it’s good news!

According to the following UK study traveling benefits people by helping them lose weight, have more sex, and feel younger.

Mostly everyone loves to travel, right? Some people travel only to the mailbox (shame on them!). Some only to see family, others try to travel abroad once a year. And even others try to travel the states and to other countries as much as they can. Well, you may want to travel more according to this study.

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According to Uproxx, Expedia surveyed 31 million travelers who’ve been on vacation in the past year. 81 percent of travelers reported feeling better after taking a vacation. Some of the reasons why? Of course it’s a vacation away from work, but there were other perks.

People reported traveling helped them:
-lose weight
-gain confidence
-and have more sex (maybe not in that order (wink, wink))

Vacation means relaxation time, which helps alter your mood. Psychologist Dr. Linda Papadopoulos, who Uproxx reports helped with the study, explains, “You’re free to do as much or as little as you like, which in turn makes you feel more relaxed. This can help reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol…As stress and anxiety decreases, mood increases—bringing many, often unexpected, positive benefits in how we perceive ourselves, motivation and productivity, and our general outlook on life.”

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And here’s one of the best stats: one million of the study’s participants said traveling helped their sex drive. It’s no wonder, when people have increased confidence and lose weight, your libido increases and you want to “do it” more.

Over one million travelers reported losing weight while traveling. Going out on adventures will…