When Unemployment Stresses You All The Way Out

African American man worried looking at bills

Dealing with unemployment is like dealing with the loss of a loved one for some people. And similar to grief, it’s hard to remain hopeful when you’re constantly facing rejection and having to summon up the strength to ask your loved ones (or the government) for help.

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It’s difficult to comprehend hope when you’re down. It’s difficult to comprehend the reality of unemployment, period. It can take a lot out of you. But, if you do your best to remain hopeful and persistent, this humbling experience can become one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever go through.

These five tips can help you cope.

Tap into your faith.

If you’ve never been unemployed, chances are you have no idea where to look for resources. People often overlook the most obvious place when it comes to finding resources which is the church (or home to whatever faith you practice). Many faith-based organizations offer, or are affiliated with, housing and food assistance programs.

Mary Kaarto, the author of Hope For The Laid Off Devotionals, says faith is what got her through when she had $1.31 to her name and was denied financial assistance.

“The longer somebody is laid off, the self-esteem will start to plummet. Especially in this economy. I found praying really helped me,” said Kaarto.

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Get out of the house.

After having a meltdown, while seeing her neighbors drive off to work, Kaarto phoned her sister in tears. Soon after, she called her church and asked if she could volunteer as the receptionist.

“It hit me really hard because I didn’t have any place to go to… During that time I was so desperate to get out of the house. Being laid off is such a lonely and isolating experience. It can be a breeding ground for depression. If you have someplace to go every day [it helps],” said Kaarto.

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