Now That Sallie Mae Is Good, Rapper Dee-1 Gets His Health Right

Dee-1 Sallie Mae Back

For hip-hop artist Dee-1, eating healthy hasn’t been easy.

“I’m working all the time in the studio, doing concerts or in meetings, so I’m eating out, getting take-out or going through a drive-thru,” he said. “I’ve had to learn that it’s important to slow down and put an extra few minutes into getting healthier food into your system.”

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He also decided to put what he learned to song, releasing a new video called “Increasing Your Healthy Living Behaviors.”

The track, which is based on the American Heart Association’s My Life Check – Life’s Simple 7, encourages people to focus more on nutritious foods, control blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, maintain a healthy weight, avoid tobacco products and get plenty of exercise.

Those seven factors also form what rapper Dee-1, who was born David Augustine, calls “a formula for success” when it comes to health.

“Knowing your numbers is the gateway to telling a much bigger story,” he said. “Just like I want to know how much I have in the bank, I want to know what my blood pressure and cholesterol numbers are.”

The video kicks off National Minority Health Month this April through the AHA’s EmPOWERED To Serve initiative to help improve health in diverse communities across America.

It’s the second health-related video Dee-1 has created. Earlier this year, he tackled another socially conscious issue affecting Americans with the release of his video “Sallie Mae Back.”

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