5 Things To Know Before Oil Rinsing Your Hair

3. How often is oil rinsing recommended?

You can oil rinse as often as you’d like. I usually oil rinse once a week, but there was a time when I was doing it every time I wet my hair.

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4. What oils are best and are there any that don’t work as well?

It really depends on the type of hair you have. I personally don’t like castor oil because it’s very heavy and more difficult to rinse out, so when I oil rinse I opt for lighter oils, such as rice bran, jojoba, avocado or argan. I’d say that it’s best to use whatever your favorite oils are in your regular routine.

5. What is the regimen?

After shampooing, I apply my oil mix to my hair in four sections and leave it on for about five minutes. Then, I rinse it out and apply my conditioner. I have additional information about oil rinsing on my YouTube channel, Oil Rinsing 101!

A word of caution: If you oil rinse in the shower, the floor might be slick. Be careful not to slip while adding slip to your hair!

When considering the benefits versus the cost of oil rinsing, you would be hard-pressed to find a more effective addition to your hair care regimen.

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Affordable, simple and moisturizing – why wouldn’t you give it a try?


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