500 Pound Weight Loss Couple: “Transformation Begins With A Choice”

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Willie and Angela continue to inspire people around the world who want to lose weight and live healthier lives through their blog, WeBeatFat.com. At their heaviest, Willie was 492 pounds and Angela was 338 pounds. Not only have they lost over 500 pounds together and still continue to keep it off, they also document their journey to help others.

Angela keeps followers up to date about their latest trial, triumph, health tip, amount of weight lost or food find. Here’s what she wrote about what it actually takes to transform your body:

“Years ago life was very different. Sometimes it’s seems like things were simpler back then because I didn’t worry about having to make gym workouts and I didn’t care about what I ate. Dinner usually came from the drive through and nights were filled with pints of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. I was still always on the go but I wasn’t on the go to go run a marathon.”

“In January 2011, my husband and I decided that we should lose some weight. Why you might ask? Well you see we were extremely obese and just fat. Plus, for the first time I was actually happy with everything in my life besides my weight and we both needed to be happy about that.”

“My biggest problem was the adjustment to my social agenda. Food is always a huge part of the hanging out with friends and entertaining,” Angela explains on their website. “I think it was harder for the people in my life to realize that the friends that once ate anything whenever they wanted just didn’t do that anymore. We educated ourselves about food and learned what we should, could and won’t eat. And yes, that cut out a lot of restaurants and the way I cooked our food. Fast food was pretty much out of the picture and so was red meat. (We still have beef from time to time, especially when I’m suffering from iron issues.) But we do a lot of chicken and a lot of fish. I was always told that should stay away from potatoes and such but I would rather work out than not eat potatoes. No, I don’t eat fries fried in grease, but baked of course…and it’s really all about portion control. Did you know that when you go to restaurant the portion size is for 2 people and not one? Those are just things that people need to pay attention too so you know how much you’re eating. Fat grams, sodium, sugars…all those things are just as important as calories.”

(Photo credit: WeBeatFat.com)

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There are a few things Angela and her husband learned a long the way that they would like to share with you about their weight loss transformation.

1. Transformation is a choice. You have to choose to lose weight. You have to choose to educate yourself on the process. Most importantly, you have to choose to commit to the process.

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(Photo credit: WeBeatFat.com)

2. To transform, you must put in the work. That includes making sure you do your workouts, prep your meals and work on yourself. It’s important to learn why or why you don’t do certain things in times of pain and stress. It’s important to learn you reward behavior and how often you issue those rewards. It’s important to learn what makes you happy and…