5 Alternative Treatments For Rosacea

African american woman touching face

Rosacea, a chronic inflammatory skin disorder that primarily affects the face, may not be seen as often in African Americans but it does happen. Unlike the extreme redness around the cheek, nose, chin and forehead areas characteristic of rosacea in other groups, Black skin may take on a more violet tone, with the face feeling very warm, said Dr. Denise Buntin, a dermatologist.

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According to Dr. Buntin, “The need for early treatment is especially important in black patients because there is a danger of hyperpigmentation — darkening of skin color — in those areas of the facial skin where inflammation has appeared.”

There is no cure for rosacea and flare ups and remissions can occur regularly. While some creams and oral medications may work to reduce these symptoms, there are some alternative treatments which can help you be more proactive in managing your rosacea.

1. Change your diet. Incorporating organic fruits and vegetables can help decrease some of the inflammation which causes rosacea. Organic fruits and vegetables serve several purposes. They help to lower your stress, provide you with some protection around sun damage, and reduce the amount of toxins and chemicals you consume, all factors which can cause flares and breakouts.

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2. Stress less. Stress is a trigger for rosacea flare ups. Incorporate more relaxing activities like meditation and yoga into your daily routine to help manage stress levels.

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