21 Ways To Be A Better Friend For Someone With A Mental Illness

8. “Help destigmatize. Be mindful of your language choices, privately and publicly.” — Sarah Clark

9. “Please be willing to try and ride the waves with me. Just meet me where I’m at… whether I’m up or down, don’t leave me.” — Miranda Tymoschuk

10. “My husband is a prime example. He gives me space to have my small freak outs, but is always there when I cling to him. It’s all about what they need and want at the time. It makes a huge difference” — Marcus Wattson

11. “The biggest support for me is to be validated. Let me know it’s OK to feel this way. I’ll be here for you and promise not to fix you, but to support you.” — Melissa Fryburger-Long

12. “Come to my side to help. Social media is great, but good old fashioned face time is what I need. Pull me out of my cave and keep me moving!” — Michelle Balck

13. “Don’t try to ‘fix’ me — that’s my job. But encouragement and moral support? That is what I need most.” — Selena Marie Wilson

14. “I would say just be there. Listen. You don’t necessarily need to understand, but being open minded is always a plus. And comfort, give hugs, let me cry even if it sounds ridiculous. What I’m crying about isn’t ridiculous to me.” — Nikki Ronnenberg

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