Flex & Shanice: “Don’t Let The Dollar Determine Your Destiny”

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(photo courtesy of screenshot Flex&Shanice TV)

From the outside looking in, Flex and Shanice may seem to have a fairy tale marriage.  But, behind the scenes, they were dealing with punches to their marriage that would leave many couples in divorce.  What the couple has been hiding is the number ONE reason why people get divorced in the United States: finances. They have weathered through harsh financial struggles for the past five years, prompting them to move in with their extended family to help make ends meet.

While Flex hustles to support the family and re-kindle his career, Shanice struggles to balance being a mom with her demanding new recording schedule. This family is just trying to hold it together long enough to catch that one big break that could turn their luck around.

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The couple say they decided to allow cameras in to capture it all on their reality show on the OWN Network, Flex & Shanice. They are doing it in hopes of inspiring people.

Flex and Shanice opened up about how things went wrong financially, ultimately forcing them to file for bankruptcy.

“At one point, her music stopped. One on One ended, and you have these expenses and there’s nothing coming in to replenish those expenses… everything’s going out,” Flex recalled. “We had an American Express black card, we had our mortgage… those things add up. We tried to get a loan modification to save the house. We just went though all types of stuff.We lived at the Embassy Suites… Yes we lost our home… We were living in a hotel.”

Flex-and-Shanice1Despite the hardships, the couple i s moving back on track and finds some sunshine through the storm. They make it a point to smile while balancing career, family and their love life.
“I flirt”, says Shanice. “I’m always telling him how beautiful he is; how sexy is. We try to have date nights. Our family lives with us, so the cool thing is that when we want to have date night, we can. We can just get dressed up and go out to dinner.”

“We got to concerts, dinner and movies,” adds Flex. “We like to get out to concerts. She drops it like it’s hot.”

“I love dancing,” admits Shanice. “We’ll just party at the house together and just dance to four or five o’clock in the morning.

When dealing with storms, problems and issues in marriage, the couple has strong words to help you through:

“Just don’t give up,” advises Flex. “Don’t succumb to outside pressure. Don’t let the dollar determine your destiny. Just love one each other and fight it through.”

“Yes, fight it through. Pray together,” adds Shanice.

“Fight for it, you know. It’s so easy to say, ‘Hey, let’s give up,’” says Flex. “Just be patient with one another and just know deep down that it’s already worked out. God put it in us. You’ve just gotta activate it and walk toward it. It takes 13 months to build a Rolls Royce, it doesn’t happen in one day.”

There are always three phases: You’re walking into the storm, you’re in the storm and then you’re coming out.

The loving couple admits that it was rough at times, but they stood through the storm together and…

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