Toss These Salad Myths For Better Health

2. Full of oxygen
All sorts of leafy greens carry the fundamental nutrients we need for life. Oxygen is probably the most overlooked. Foods high in oxygen help us simply breathe better. Whether you have asthma or trouble getting up the stairs, leafy greens can help you. Oxygen also helps you overcome, if not prevent, the “itis.” Other nutrients include iron (red blood cells), folate (brain and nervous system), fiber (digestion) and many, many more.

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3. True energy food
Several years ago, one of our leading grocery stores along with researchers created a nutrient density chart that essentially scores food based on the amount of energy per calorie they offer. Don’t think low calories are better, but rather how hard does your body have to work before your food gives energy back to you. Well, green leafy veggies topped the charts with the most energy per calorie. So eat up!

4. Speedy workout recovery
Coupled with ample water leafy greens will help your body recover more quickly from workouts. That’s right! Faster and healthier than the latest sports drink. This is true because they are highly alkaline in the body. Keeping them in your daily diet will help you get rid of soreness sooner than later.

So yes, a salad a day might be boring if you aren’t creative, but it can definitely keep the doctor at bay!
Marquese Martin-HayesMarquese Martin-Hayes is a certified raw vegan nutrition specialist and is the founder of The Proper Perspective, a practice designed of life coaches to help individuals, families, and corporations maximize their impact. He is the co-founder of The Proper Physique, a nutrition coaching practice, Jus Juus, a juice boutique concept, and he dabbles in other better living ideas.

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