Get Fit On A Budget: His & Hers Edition

Monica Howell, certified personal trainer based in Cleveland, Ohio wants you to the live the good life. Her fitness company The OMA Life challenges all of her clients to live a balanced healthy life that’s filled with exercise and healthy food. Her tales about overcoming health problems stemming from weight issues will resonate in the lives of many women looking to change their physical fitness for the better.

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African American woman on exercise ball at homeIn her interview with, Ms. Howell talks about her very athletic upbringing. She was active in sports all the way up until college, where she experienced the “famous freshman 15” in college. The weight caught her by surprise because she wasn’t used to the swipe-and-eat-as-you-wish lifestyle and for the first time she was no longer physically active. Over the course of four years Monica gained almost 40 pounds, developed high blood pressure and her caloric levels were sky high. Several months after graduation Monica went on a mission to change her life for the better.

BDO: How can women use what they have available to them for free to improve their physical fitness?

MH: The Internet has a lot of valuable tools out there. I would look up workout videos online and model my workouts after those. If you do like  having someone show you the proper techniques you can go on Groupon or LivingSocial and find very discounted rates for first-time users. I used to attend one or two kickboxing classes and then keep those same routines for my home workouts. DVDs are great as well.

I would recommend doing a lot of calisthenics workouts if you’re looking to save money and get a total body workout. Things like push-ups, pull-ups, and squats are good exercises that you can do anywhere.

BDO: How can women gain muscle at home?

MH: Plyometrics are a good way to develop strength and speed. You can use anything in your house that weighs a nice amount as weights. For instance, I’ve put books inside of a backpack when I did squats or as I performed push-ups. You can be creative at home.

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Check out Jeff Warley’s “The Life Begins at 50 Challenge” . It’s a free, 10-week exercise program available online to anyone who wants to be more physically fit and build muscle in their 50s. The program is a special challenge for the 50 age group, but the exercises will benefit all ages.

Check out Monica Howell’s The OMA Life and book your consultation. For those that don’t want to leave home she offers private Skype sessions for her clients.

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