How To Fight Fatigue From Multiple Myeloma

woman eating vegetable saladFatigue is one of the many side effects of multiple myeloma. Unlike regular ol’ exhaustion, however, rest isn’t the cure all. A nap or long night of sleep won’t make a multiple myeloma patient feel any better.

This level of fatigue cuts deep, affecting the bones, according to the International Myeloma Foundation. So it can be a hard thing to fight while undergoing cancer treatment, which is already picking away at the little energy you have left.

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Here are some ways to fight back and boost your energy:


It’s possible that your cancer treatments have made you anemic, which explains why you’ve been feeling so tired lately. Ask your physician to check your blood for any signs of anemia. If you are anemic, there is medication and supplements (like iron or magnesium) that can help fight your exhaustion.


Strong muscles can boost your energy and the only way to strengthen those muscles is through exercise. Start with a less intense activity, such as walking. If you’re feeling capable of increasing the intensity of your workout, try running.

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