How To Fight Fatigue From Multiple Myeloma


Smaller meals throughout the day can keep up your energy levels much better than three big meals. A big meal can leave you with the ‘itis’ – that overwhelmingly stuffed yet satisfied feeling that soothes you to sleep after a meal. Make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, proteins and water. Anything greasy or fatty can make you feel sleepy.

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Yes, germs can make you feel tired. That’s because multiple myeloma can lower your body’s white blood cell count while protecting you from infections. And how do you get infections? From germs, of course. So, try to stay away from anything germy, or people who are sick.

Ask for help

If activities like grocery shopping or cleaning up are keeping you tired, don’t be too proud to ask for help. Also, think about asking your boss at work to shorten your work hours because of your illness.


When you do have time in the day to rest, make the best of it. Anytime you feel tired, slow down and rest for a while. Listen to what your body is telling you through your emotions and feelings. Sometimes, you may be working too hard and your body is simply asking you to take things slowly. Keep notes on how you’re feeling day to day and be sure to share them with your physician. If you think you may be feeling anxiety because of your cancer treatments, be sure to mention this to your doctor, as well.


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