Common Underarm Condition & What They Really Mean

woman under arms deodorant serious

Your underarms can reveal a lot about your health. Who knew that such a small area of your body could impact so many aspects of how your body functions. It’s a big deal because your underarms can help you understand your health on a larger scale.

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Underarm health may not be talked about often, but it can be the gateway to being aware if you have minor or serious health conditions. It can give you warning signs that you may have a serious health issue. Darker underarms, specifically, can tell you if you have allergies to certain products, may be prone to diabetes or have hormonal disorders.

You may have observed or personally experienced having dark underarms. The scientific term for this disorder is acanthosis nigrican. There are many people who suffer from this skin issue. This condition can result from minor skin irritants, shaving or be indicative of something bigger.

Dark underarms can be evidence of you not being able to manage your insulin levels,