5 Habits To Protect Your Face From Breakouts

… pesky outbreaks and clogged pores creating a perfect portal for acne. Take the extra time and use a separate towel on your face. This way you are preventative and proactive in keeping your face acne free.

3. Bacteria is different based on where it resides on your body. Each part of your body has acne and while your body can know how to deal with that particular acne if it recurs in a specific place, the body is thrown off when there is a bacteria introduced from a different part of your body. This can  cause skincare issues. Being aware and conscious of this with the towels you use can help you steer clear of creating more skin care problems on your face.

4. Use paper towels to clean your face. Here is another way to keep your skin maintenance costs low. Paper towels, which are probably already available in your household, can be another way to clean your face. Even if you are using a different towel on your face versus your body, wash cloths can build up dirt, oils and bacteria pretty easily. Using a paper towel, which has a similar consistency as a face towel, gives your face very limited exposure to bacteria, oils and dirt. This helps you to further decrease your chances of having an acne breakout.

5. Cleanse your face every night. There are a lot of things that occur naturally at night that help your skin to repair and rejuvenate itself. It is more imperative to make sure you have a good skincare regimen for your face at night after you have had exposure to the outside elements such as the wind, germs and pollution. At night your skin goes through several processes including regeneration, re-establishes its pH balance and collagen production is taking place as well. This is why you don’t want to take away all of these good effects that next morning. In the morning instead of doing an extensive cleansing program, use water and a good moisturizer that has sun protection of at least an SPF of 15 or higher.

These five tips will help you keep your skin healthy and prepared to face those elements that are working to destroy all of the hard work you put into your skin maintenance. Try these tips to cut your skincare costs and be proactive in protecting your skin. Your wallet and your skin will be thankful for your efforts.


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