What Single Black Men Are Saying: “I’m Looking For Women Who Are Whole” [Video]


Let’s be honest. Many Black women aren’t fond of today’s dating scene which is filled with men enjoying the thrill of the chase without any intention of serious commitment. But is it this way because of something we (as Black women) are doing, or a direct reflection of the lies, hurt and infidelity we’ve experienced from Black men – whether it be your husband, boyfriend or father?

WATCH: Black Men: “Marriage Is On The Rocks” [VIDEO]

In part two of Blackdoctor.org’s relationship panel, featuring Black men ages 26 to mid-50s, we continue our exploration of what men are looking for in women.

Specifically, our panel moderator, Yanni Brown (of Making Love Better Twogether) asked what Black women are supposed to do if our Black men aren’t trustworthy and we can’t depend on them the way we’d like to.

The question definitely stirred the pot, yielding an interesting debate and the quote, “When I’m looking for women, I’m looking for women who are whole, grown up people. I don’t want no woman who got five kids. That’s not my thing.”

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