You Need To Cut It! Clear Signs It’s Time To End A Relationship

angry coupleIf you are in a relationship and you feel unhappy and unfulfilled, you may find yourself contemplating whether or not you should end the relationship or continue to try to make it work. It’s normal to have second thoughts about relationships. However, if you find yourself dwelling on the idea of moving on, you might want to take your thoughts seriously. In fact, it might just be time to let go.

But How Do You Know for Sure It’s Time?

Deciding whether or not to break up with someone you love can feel like torture. The longer you have been in the relationship, the harder the decision becomes. A decision to break up can be further complicated if your partner is giving you some of what you need, but is unable to provide you with the things that matter most to you. Let me explain.

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Suppose you are dating someone who is easygoing. There is low drama in your relationship and the other person is consistently there for you. All good, right? But, let’s say you feel something big is missing. You might not have a significant emotional connection. The relationship may be lacking passion or you may no longer feel attracted to them.

Your relationship may have reached the point where you do not communicate anymore. Maybe you no longer look forward to interacting because you don’t feel connected to one another. Maybe it is not a good support system for you. You don’t feel the love. You don’t feel that the other person is fully present in your life.

But your relationship is fine. Not a mess, no chaos; just not that rewarding. Are these valid reasons to let go and move on?

Yes and no.

Yes, you should move on if it just isn’t working for you. For instance, if you have communicated that you need certain things to feel secure, but your partner has failed to change, compromise, reciprocate or understand where you are coming from, this is a sign to re-evaluate the relationship.

No, if you have explained how you feel and the two of you are working to make things better. If you are trying to change the relationship, this could take time. And if both of you are vested in seeing things through, your relationship may improve significantly. Give it some time and see how things look after the two of you have put in the work on what you want to improve in the relationship.

Clear Signs to End a Relationship

1. Your heart is not in the relationship and your intuition is telling you to move on.

A clear sign it’s time to end a relationship is when your heart tells you to do so. It is easy to overthink your feelings. The mind can create paralysis analysis when you are constantly looking to solve a relationship dilemma. Your mind can play to your fears about being alone. The mind will focus on what you are losing by leaving the relationship. Common obsessive thoughts include the fear of being lonely, apprehension about not finding love again, lifestyle changes or inertia about making a life change.

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