Woman Paid For A Butt Lift, Woke Up To Kidney Failure And A Tummy Tuck Instead!


(photo from nbc6.com)

Crystal Heath was proud of her accomplishments. And why shouldn’t she be? She had lost over 100 pounds, was healthier and more active.

But in losing that much weight, she discovered some things she wanted to changed about her body.

“I lost a lot of weight, but in that, I also lost my butt,” Crsytal explained to NBC6.com

So she decided to go in for a Brazilian butt-lift but instead received a tummy tuck. She researched online and found Dr. Osakatukei Omulepu and his Brazilian butt-lift videos touting his success.

So she booked and appointment, paid for the procedure, but when she came out of anesthesia, the result was not what she planned at all. Crystal ended up with scars all over her body as well as a failing kidney because of the botched surgery that she didn’t even asked for.


(photo from nbc6.com)

The doctor had given her a tummy tuck instead of a butt-lift as what was paid for. That’s right, the doctor did a totally different surgery on a totally different part of her body without her knowledge.

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The botched surgery put her in the hospital for 11 days with a failing kidney and an infection, and she still has to see a nurse three times a week.

“I didn’t need a tummy tuck, I paid for a Brazilian butt lift. At the moment when everything went wrong, I felt like I was going to die. I started throwing up instantly, I start throwing up so bad it was like bursting in my stomach.”

Dr. Omulepu, who performed the botched surgery, has had his license partially restricted by Florida’s Department of Health after four other women came out against him with similar claims. The restriction bans the doctor from performing his signature “Brazilian Butt Lift” and any form of liposuction.

“I am angry at the fact that this man has done this to so many people,” Crystal explains.

She she has a 7-inch hole in her stomach that requires ongoing medical attention.

“I almost lost my life trying to get a butt,” admits Crytal. “And it was definitely not worth it.”

What has been found through NBC 6 investigators is that Dr. Omulepu is not actually a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Board certification in the United States is a voluntary process and it demonstrates a physician’s expertise in a…