Foods That Make Your Depression Worse

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Just as there are foods that can boost your mood and make you feel better, there are also foods that can make you feel worse. More specifically, there are foods that can make your depression worse.

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“The most important action to take as a consumer with depressive symptoms is to buy organic and learn how to read nutrition labels properly. Arming yourself with knowledge will ease the impact of foods on mood and empower you to be more proactive in your health maintenance,” according to Robin Wood-Moen in a article.

You typically want to stay away from the following foods that may negatively impact your mood:

Sugar and Caffeine

Having a cup of coffee or a candy bar can be the most comforting thing if you’re looking for a quick boost of energy. But, sugar and caffeine could end up having the opposite effect after those few minutes of energy wear off. According to PsychCentral, that treat and all refined sugar cause our blood glucose levels to plummet, resulting in a sugar hangover that disrupts our mood, depletes our energy and is linked to sleep disorders. Unfortunately, this includes artificial sweeteners.

Having caffeine close to bedtime may affect your ability to fall (and stay) asleep which could affect your mood the next day. A sleepless night paired with a caffeine boost can cause agitation, tremors and nervousness.

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