7 All-In-One Exercises Guaranteed To Transform Your Body [VIDEO]

(photo courtesy of @fitstagram)

(photo courtesy of @fitstagram)

If you were to ask 100 people which exercises do they hate the most, I assume about 90 of them would include the burpee as one of the most hated.  It’s one of those exercises that has you “doing the most” as the young folks would say, but it gets it results.

In fact, the majority of personal trainers who want their clients to boost metabolism, have a healthy heart rate and burn calories faster, utilize the burpee to do so.  So here’s seven burpee exercises that may make you hate them, but you’ll love the results.

Here’s a video from Burpee Finishers on how to properly do a burpee.

NOTE: For each exercise you should do a three sets of 45-seconds of burpees (see how many you can do in 45 seconds). Each with a 30-second break in between each set.  Then do that three times, three times each week. Each week you should improve with your time.

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1. Push-Up Jack Burpee
Begin as you would with a standard burpee. As you descend into the push-up, spread your legs like you are performing a jumping jack, making sure to keep your hips from sagging. Press yourself back up as you bring your legs back to center. Finish the exercise as you would a standard burpee by bringing your feet back underneath your shoulders and jumping explosively upwards. Land soft with your hips back before you go into the next repetition.

2. Spiderman Burpee
Start by performing a regular burpee, but as you descend into the push-up bring your right knee toward your right elbow without letting your hips sag or rotate. Press yourself back up as you bring your leg back to the starting position. Finish the exercise as you would a standard burpee. Alternate legs with each rep, making sure to hit both legs the same number of times.

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3. Single-Leg Push-Up Burpee
For this variation, when you first jump back into a push-up, lift one foot about six inches off the ground, keeping your core engaged to prevent your hips from sagging or rotating and the lower back from arching. Descend into the push-up without allowing your alignment to change or your weight to shift. Return to the top of the push-up and put your foot back down before your complete the burpee. Alternate legs with each rep.

4. Mountain-Climber Burpee
Go through the standard burpee first steps. When you get to the top position of the push-up, perform a mountain climber,…