Face Yoga: 9 Anti-Aging Exercises For Your Face

face yoga2Yes, face yoga is a real thing. Many people say “black don’t crack” but let’s be honest, there are some of us who look like they’ve had a hard life and it shows up on their face. Instead of trying to get rid of wrinkles and sagging skin on your face later on life with surgery, Here’s a few facial yoga exercises that work just like regular yoga: tightening, lifting and firming muscles all in the right place.

1. The fish face

Not to be confused with the duck face, the fish face involves puckering your lips out completely and then smiling such that the ‘O’ created between your lips while puckering is maintained. Then, suck in the ends of your lips in the gaps left between your upper and lower teeth; inhale slowly while doing so and then relax the posture while exhaling slowly. Repeat this about eight to ten times.

2. The lion face

As part of the lion face, you need to inhale deeply through your nose while simultaneously clenching your fists and tightening your facial muscles in sync with your breathing. Then, exhale slowly through your mouth while unclenching your fists and rolling out your tongue. Repeat this procedure about ten times.

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3. The puppet face

The puppet face concentrates on muscles slightly higher on the face, more specifically the cheek area (the earlier two exercises are more beneficial to muscles around the lip area). To do this exercise, smile such that as many teeth as possible are showing. Then, gently raise the muscles between your lips and cheeks with your fingertips such that you can feel the resistance. Repeat about three to five times.

4. The surprised face

The surprised face caters to areas around the eyes, which are the most prone to wrinkles and fine lines. As part of it, you will need to breathe in and open your eyes as much as possible such that your eyebrows are also consequently raised. Hold this pose for about 7 seconds and then exhale. Repeat this about five times.

5. The squeezed face

Of all the things we’d like to maintain, jaw lines are probably the dearest. The squeezed face is an exercise that helps us achieve just that by keeping our cheeks tucked in, which ensures that the jaw line is rendered more prominent. To do this exercise, you need to take in a deep breath through your mouth such that the air is directed towards the stomach, which will make the cheeks sink in. Then, exhale slowly and repeat the procedure another three or four times.

6. The double V

As the name suggests, the exercise involves making two ‘V’s on the face with your fingers. More specifically,…