Find The Right Fitness Tracker For Your Lifestyle


Fitness trackers with smart phoneWe all know that we need exercise and that when we workout, it feels great. However, the challenge of being disciplined in working out can be the obstacle that derails your workout success. A fitness tracker is a helpful tool that can keep you focused on your fitness goals and add some fun. Fitness trackers act as your personal trainer, helping you with goal setting, achieving your fitness goals and reinforcing your workout regimen. The tracker also lets you know when you do not reach your goals.

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Fitness trackers measure the number of steps you take, calories you consume daily, how much you sleep, heart rate and sometimes your perspiration levels.

Some fitness trackers take it a step further. They use GPS to track your location, and can sync with external smart bathroom scales, external heart monitors, and devices which may provide more precise readings.

Smartwatch-like fitness trackers may alert you to text messages, incoming calls, instant messages (IM) and e-mail. But, by far, one of the best attributes of a fitness tracker is that it holds you accountable to your workout goals. I have worn a fitness tracker for several years and I like the fact that it tells me to get moving when I’m too sedentary, congratulates me when I reach my goals and holds me accountable when I don’t attain my fitness objectives.

With so many fitness trackers on the market, it can be tough to figure out what works best for your budget, fits into your lifestyle and gives you reinforcement to stick to your fitness plan.

Here are 3 fitness tracker brands that can help you stay on track – no pun intended – based on consumer reviews and popularity.

1. FitBit 



FitBit categorizes its trackers into three areas: everyday active, fitness and performance. For the everyday products, the Fitbit measures the basics including duration of sleep, steps, weight and activity.

For the active category, the fitness tracker has some additional capabilities. Pulse, heart rate, GPS and on screen workouts are part of the mix. If you are doing multi-activities or want to see workout summaries in real time on the Fitbit Blaze, you can get this information, too. Oh and you can play music on it as well from your phone. If you are looking for something that measures performance for events such as a marathon or triathlon training, the Fitbit Surge may be the best choice for you.

There is also a Fitbit app you can add to your computer or phone where the Fitbit wirelessly syncs up all of your activity data. You can set specific goals and the Fitbit will provide you with weekly reports telling you how you measure up.  FitBit trackers are water resistant and have an excellent reputation for quality and accuracy in tracking results. Learn more at