5 Summer Hair Hacks For The Natural Girl

Happy African American woman wearing hat

Summer is fast approaching. Along with the most joyous season of the year comes a long list of hair woes – mainly, how to keep your natural coif from looking dry, crunchy or frizzy. While your natural texture may play a huge role in the issues you face, there are a few key steps you can follow to prepare your hair for the approaching months.

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Years ago, I worked as an Associate Brand Manager for an all-Black owned and employed start-up, Huetiful, which specializes in educating as well as providing the natural hair community with simple solutions for achieving healthy, beautiful hair – no matter their hue.

Through much trial, error and dropping a pretty penny on products, I discovered 5 summer hair hacks every girl should know.

1. Don’t fight nature. If the weather is warm and sticky, shy away from heated styles and twist-outs. You may look cute for a hot minute (literally), but once the humidity gets a hold of your strands, your “laid” mane will quickly go from “yay’ to “nay.” Instead, opt for a wash-n-go or style that works best with your natural texture.

Keep your hair out of your face with a sleek high pony. Embrace your natural curl pattern by applying penetrating products like coconut, olive, or avocado oil from your ends to your roots. For a night out on the town, try an edgy look by braiding your hair into a mohawk.

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2. Co-wash frequently. Not only will this rid your scalp of dirt, sweat and chlorine from a fun day poolside, but it also feels great! To dry, simply let the wind take hold of your tresses and style as usual.

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