5 Moves To Lose Your Love Handles For Good [VIDEO]

Side Crunches

Standing straight up with your arms down and dumbbells in your hands, you’re going to reach down and touch the sides of your kneecaps. Keeping your back straight and chest high, make sure you don’t bend forward or back, keep your body aligned. Alternate the crunch and do 3 sets of 20. Each time you lower the right and left side counts as 1 rep.

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High Plank Knee Touches

Get into the high plank position with your hands directly under your shoulders and keep your back straight. Keep your abs tight to stop your body from sinking. Now bring your right knee up to touch your right elbow, and switch to the left side. Repeat this sequence 10 times, now bring your right knee in to touch your left elbow. Alternating sides, repeat this sequence 10 times as well. That’s round 1. Do 2 more rounds and you’re done.

She says that you can’t only workout and expect results. Going to Chik-fil-A and grabbing a fried chicken with lettuce and tomato on it won’t do. You have to also develop a healthier palette in order to achieve results.

“Diet is everything! Abs are made in the kitchen, so watch what you eat and drink. Pick up the water and put down the soda. Avoid processed foods, fried foods and sweets,” advises Boykin.

The road to flat and fantastic abs is paved by hard work and dedication. Outside of the exercises in the video she says some additional cardio exercises will go a long way in getting that washboard stomach you crave.

“Break a sweat. Along with the ab exercises in the video, add cardio workouts to your routine. Try a brisk walk, jogging, swimming, or running for 30 minutes every day. Go take a spin class or Zumba class or Kangoo Jumps class. Any class that will get you sweating will help you lose weight around your midsection and all over your body.”

Most people associate sleep and eating with the “itis,’ but sleep is an essential component with weight loss. Ms. Boykin says that it’s imperative to get enough sleep in your quest to shedding excess fat.


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