This Strange Home Remedy For Cold & Flu Actually Works

bathtubEver been caught out in the rain and rushed to change out of your wet socks for fear of catching a cold? Well, if done correctly, wearing a pair of wet socks could actually help relieve a cold – and more! Wet sock therapy is a specific type of hydrotherapy called warming compress in which a local warming double compress is applied to the feet. This inexpensive at-home treatment can improve your health while you sleep and can be beneficial to everyone from athletes to children.

How It Works

When you take your feet from hot to cold, the body automatically wants to correct itself and get warm again. It does this by increasing blood flow and circulation. When you put the wet socks on, the vessels in your feet will become narrow as your feet start to cool down and squeeze infecting-fighting nutrients to all your systems, including the lymphatic system. This improves your immune response and decreases congestion . Overnight, the socks will dry, warming the feet again.

Benefits of wet sock therapy: 

  • Increases the circulation and decrease congestion in the upper respiratory passages, head and throat
  • Sedative effect
  • Effective for pain relief
  • Increases the healing response during acute infections
  • Helps relieve:
    • insomnia during the cold or flu
    • sore throat
    • inflammation or infection of throat
    • neck pain
    • ear infections
    • headaches
    • migraines
    • coughs
    • bronchitis
    • sinus infections

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