10 Moves For Sexy Abs With Kelly Rowland & Trainer Jeanette Jenkins

If you’re anything like me, you’re feeling the pressure to sculpt stronger, leaner abs – after all, it isn’t easy! In fact, 62 percent of women have told Women’s Health that they’re a little obsessed with flattening out the region between their breasts and pelvis.

Sure, Tinseltown’s biggest stars make it look easy peasy, with their private chefs and celebrity trainers. But in reality, a majority of women hoping to achieve a sexy six-pack are limited to fitness forums, confusing fad diets and when they can squeeze in the time, the occasional cycling class at their local LA Fitness.

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Fortunately for us, celebs like Kelly Rowland and her longtime trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, have created a quick 5-minute, 10 moves routine to aid you in your fitness goals. These moves featured in a video from People Now helped Kelly’s body bounce back after giving birth to son, Titan.

Keep in mind, in order to maximize the routine, you will need to eat clean (lean meat, fruits, veggies, low sodium, no trans-fat) and complete at least 20-30 minutes of cardio (walking, running, biking, swimming), 3-5 days a week.

Check out Rowland and Jenkins’ tips for killer abs below.

1. Cross-torso Repeater Knee

“You’re going to keep your right leg out to the side, turned open,” Jenkins tells People in a new workout clip. “Open those arms nice and long, and pull your knee up towards your chest. Squeeze your abs in tight.”

2. Long Arm, Long Leg (Side Kick)

“Pull that leg open, reach your arm up into the sky,” says Jenkins. “You’re working your oblique’s and the whole outer thigh. Lift that leg up and squeeze your abs in tight, using your oblique’s when you lift that leg.”

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3. High Knees

This move targets the low belly and boosts metabolic rate.

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