10 Powerful Confessions Of Black Women

What lies in the heart of a Black women…like what’s really in their heart? Sometimes we only share what’s on the surface. But on a tumblr blog, Black Women Confessions, is giving women the platform to share their deepest, innermost secrets. And honestly, some of them are heartbreaking, but they are true.  Men: listen. Women: listen too.  You are loved and you aren’t the only one.

Below are some of the top ones we picked out to share.

Confession #1:

Every black man I’ve ever dated has hurt me. Every single one. It’s the reason I don’t date black men anymore. I have issues with white men and white people surrounding racism and sexism but I haven’t been raped by a white dude, I haven’t been assaulted by one. I’m by no means saying that it can’t happen; but I haven’t been. With black men there’s this particular sort of hurt that they lay down. Sexual violence and emotional violence. Maybe it’s just amplified to me because I expect them to protect me. Like I do them. Like my father did me. The sting feels twice, maybe three times as hot.

It pains me because I love black men. I by no means want to shit on them. It pains me to even speak the truth about my pain. I by no means hold any hatred for them on a whole. I will fight for them, cry them and die for them. I have three brothers and I love them dearly – none of them are dating black women and that hurts me but I’m quiet. I wonder what their thoughts on relationships with black women entail. I have a cousin in jail and a white woman put him there telling “lies” on him. Were they lies tho? I don’t know. He promptly ran back to a black girl who took his sorry ass back when he left her for that same white girl to begin with; which angers me for her, even tho he’s my cousin.

Honestly, my heart just hurts and I wanted to share the fact that there is a specific type of hurt, a specific type of feeling when your own does you so badly, does women so badly. I even have a problem sending this but you know, I’m just going to let it go, put it out there into the world and take a break from being sad alone about it today.

Confession #2:


Confession #3:

My 15 year old daughter said “Mom, I’m never getting married and having kids,” with a disappointed look on her face. Of course I responded as positive as I could and told her yes, one day you will and why would u believe different. She said “because all the black boys are gay in Atlanta” I chuckled. We’re moving to Atlanta next month and majority of the video she see are of gay black boys and men, or Trans. ???? Realizing this is reality of today society gay seems to be the new TREND my heart is heavy for my daughters.

Hoping this doesn’t make them believe that BLACK MALES are not worthy of her love and seek love in other ethnic groups. Constantly, I remind her to be BLACK and PROUD and there is nothing greater than a BLACK MAN. Hearing the cries of my daughter still young and not of dating age I’m speechless. I utter the words dear when you get into college you’ll meet a great guy from any parts of the world you’re not limited to Atlanta, Las Vegas or any state your option are unlimited you’ll get married.


Confession #4:

black women confessions


Confession #5:

I pray that one day my older sister loves her kinky, curly hair as much as I do. Our family is pretty much a blended one, with our black roots and filipino roots. Me and my two siblings have ended up with different curl patterns (notably me having 3b and my older sister having 4c). She always says her hair isn’t pretty and compares herself to women that are deemed to have “good hair.” Her hair is beautiful the way it is. Those 4c curls are everything and more.

Confession #6:


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