4 Tips To Get Your Hair Pool Ready

African american woman floating in pool

It’s no secret that chlorine can be taxing on the hair, especially if it’s chemically treated, but that’s no reason to avoid getting some much needed pool time this summer. Natural hairstylist Aeleise Jana shares some really simple tips for us to make a splash AND keep our hair from falling victim to the dangers associated with chlorine-laden pools.

1. Stop putting all the crap in your hair before you get in the pool. 

There is no need to saturate your hair in conditioner or oils and what nots prior to swimming in the pool. Aeleise was a competitive swimmer throughout high school and she says, ” What you don’t want is being the person whom is actively responsible for creating that disgusting oil ring in the pool. No one wants to swim through that!” For the love of all things recreational, please don’t be THAT person who pollutes the water with the unnecessary pre-pool prep work.

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2. Braid your hair up.
Aeleise advises that you can either twist or braid your hair with tap water while choosing to leave it down or stretch it into a pony. Twisting/braiding keeps things simple and manageable so that your  hair doesn’t become a tangled mess.

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