#WeSeeYou: Woman Loses 60 Pounds By Putting Her Fitness on Fire!


#WeSeeYou is BlackDoctor.org’s weekly series where we highlight people who are doing something incredible in health that needs to be celebrated and told to the world. This week’s feature is the beautiful Rashonda!

Rashonda, in her mid-20’s, was like many of us who wanted to lose weight: trying to fight the right and healthy way to do it that will actually last.  So she went online and according to her profile, she got help from Fitness On Fire Online Training. It’s a site where they help women and men all over the country get the support and knowledge they need to lose weight.

Rashonda was at a starting weight of 204.8 pounds. But losing over 60 pounds, she’s at 141.2 pounds and counting.

In one of her videos, she spliced together an old video of her when she just started working out with a video of her now and begins to remember the “old” Rashonda.

“When I look back at that old video, I just feel like so embarrassed and it’s like what ‘was I doing to myself back then,'” remarks Rashonda. “But it doesn’t matter what I looked like back then, look at me now!”

“When I joined this program, I was just really tired. I just got tired of being big and the way I was feeling.  I hated…