4 Essential Booty Shaping Exercises

bikini behind

You can tell when somebody paid for it. Booty, that is. The hips are too small, the butt is gigantically disproportional and the walk ain’t the same because of it. “OH MY GOD! Becky look at her butt!” used to be the tagline for mainstream America when they saw our sisters with their nice behinds, but times have changed. Nowadays, butt augmentation surgeries and backroom injections are becoming increasingly popular. For those less endowed in the lower extremities, here are some tips to get a bigger, firmer and nicer butt – naturally. Stop buying “booty lifters” and fillers and start using a few of these exercises. Put in that WORK!


Squats are the go-to to exercise for improving the shape and plumpness of your butt. When performing a normal squat you want to keep your feet equidistant apart from each other and lower your body up and down in a controlled motion. With each motion you want to lift your heels, arch your back and if you’re doing it correctly your knees will go past your toes.

Instead of doing squats the normal way. Try a few of these variations that will develop different parts of your lower physique. The closer your feet are together, the more your quads will work.  The further apart your feet are , the more you’ll feel in your hips and butt.

Now let’s get fun with it. Add some barbells to this exercise to add resistance to this workout. You can also add a bar on your shoulders if you’re not comfortable with barbells.

Recommendation: 2 sets of 10 reps

Stationary Lunge with Dumbbells

While holding two dumbbells to the side of your body, bring one leg forward, keeping good balance. Bend your legs and let the weight of the dumbbells bring you down towards the ground. The front knee should not go past your toes. The other knee will almost touch floor and then you come back up. Complete all of the repetitions with one leg and then alternate .

Recommendation: 2 sets of 10 reps