The TTC (Trying To Conceive) Diet

woman eating salad

Trying to get pregnant can be stressful and challenging on all parties involved. One of the ways you can improve your chances of conceiving is to make sure you are getting your proper nutrition. If you are trying to have a baby there are foods that can help or hurt you during the process. Knowing which foods to eat increases your chances for fertility and is one of the keys to making the process of conceiving easier for you.

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Here is a quick guide to determining what you should keep in and out of your pantry to help promote your fertility:

Increase your protein intake.

Protein is essential if you are trying to conceive and women who consume animal protein had the best success at getting pregnant. According to a study conducted by researchers at Harvard School of Public Health, 39% of women who became pregnant had the highest intake of animal protein.

Grab a scoop of ice cream.

Yes, you read the header right. Ice cream made the list of foods that help boost fertility and we’re not talking about the low-fat version! A Nurses Health Study from the Harvard School of Public Health found one or two daily servings of whole milk or whole dairy products protects you against ovulatory infertility. Skim and low-fat milk had the opposite effect. The theory behind this may be that when the fat from ice cream is removed, it changes the balance of the sex hormones which ends up hindering ovulation. In other words, go ahead and indulge in eating ice cream. But, don’t get too crazy! If you are eating ice cream to help you with conceiving, you will need to balance out these extra calories in other aspects of your diet.