9 Foods To Beat Constipation

berry oatmeal

Constipation can be a pain, pun fully intended. There is no worse feeling than the one that comes with being bloated wanting to go, but being unable to go. Not having enough fiber in your diet is often the culprit leading to constipation.

If you are taking medication, not drinking enough fluids, and not getting enough exercise this can make your situation worse. Luckily, there are things you can eat and drink that will help you conquer constipation.

Here are nine foods you can immediately add to your diet to help you relieve – even help prevent – your constipation and get your digestive system back on track:

Dried Prunes

Prunes are a common home remedy used to aid and relieve constipation. My mother always gave these to me when I was constipated as a kid and the prunes always did their job and helped me to feel relief. Here’s the reason why.

Prunes are rich in