5 Tips To Stick To Your Meal Plan This Summer

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Summertime is usually one of the best times of the year. With vacations, social events, festivals and BBQs it is memorable and enjoyable. But, if you have committed yourself to being consistent with your meal plan, the distractions of summer social events can quickly rattle even the best-laid meal plans.

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Don’t be dismayed. There are still ways to enjoy your summer without sabotaging your meal plan. I have enlisted some nutritional experts to help you come up with a plan to succeed in eating healthy while still enjoying all that summer has to offer.

Here are five nutritionist-approved ways you can enjoy your summer activities while sticking to your meal plan:

1. Try the plate trick.

Lara, a registered dietitian/nutritionist and head of the dietary team at ShopWell, suggests that you drink plenty of water. “Summer food and festivities are usually full of sodium bomb dishes and sugary sweet drinks. These drinks cause you to become dehydrated which affects your energy and mood and no one wants that when you’re enjoying summer fun!”

She also suggests using this trick with your plate when eating out at events. Grab a small plate and load it with veggies. You can follow the My Plate model to build a healthy plate and keep the calories in check. Lara explained, “The principle is to load at least half of your plate with veggies. No, potato salad doesn’t count. But, you can add a green salad, grilled vegetables, and corn.”

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