#WeSeeYou: Wade McCrae Washington, The Cerebral Palsy BodyBuilder

wade cover

(photo from facebook)

Wade McCrae Washington is more than just a survivor, he’s a champion.

Wade was born with Loose Muscle Chorea.

Chorea is a type of cerebral palsy characterized by brief, semi-directed, irregular movements that are not repetitive or rhythmic, but appear to flow from one muscle to the next.

These ‘dance-like’ movements of chorea often occur with athetosis, which adds twisting and writhing movements. Walking may become difficult, and include odd postures and leg movements.

When chorea is serious like in Wade’s case, slight movements will become thrashing motions; this form of severe chorea is referred to as ballism or ballismus.

Then when he turned 12 years old, Wade was diagnosed Scoliosis.

Scoliosis is a medical condition in which a person’s spinal axis has a three-dimensional deviation. Although it is a complex three-dimensional condition, on an X-ray, viewed from the rear, the spine of an individual with scoliosis can resemble an…