The Best Foods & Workouts For YOUR Body Type

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Every one of us is different. We have our unique DNA, finger prints, faces, personalities and body types. No two people are exactly alike so no two diets or workout routines should be exactly alike either. Your workout and diet should be tailored to your individual body type which falls into one of the three basic categories; endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph. Find out which category you fall into and how to adjust your plan accordingly here.

3 body types


If you find it easy to gain weight and hard to lose chances are you are endomorphic. An endomorph might refer to themselves as “big boned” or have a slow metabolism. In the mirror they tend to have a softer shape (apple or voluptuous/curvy shaped), wide hips and joints, and shorter limbs.

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Behind the scenes endomorphs burn fat slowly so dieting properly is top priority for this body type. On the plus side, they also gain muscle easily so when the diet is dialed in correctly an envy worthy figure can emerge from beneath unwanted fat. Use these tips if you are endomorphic to help reach your goals:

  • Eat clean and cut back on your carbs especially. Research various tasty clean eating recipes to help fight cravings, and to keep you motivated to stick to your diet. Eating clean doesn’t have to be boring! Calculate your daily weight loss macros and stay as close to that number as possible while leaving little room for error.
  • Keep a tight leash on cheat meals. Everyone should enjoy their favorite guilty pleasure foods in moderation but endomorphs can’t take a chance on overeating as the extra calories can pack on unwanted weight quickly. Cheat when you are allowed to cheat but don’t cheat outside of that.
  • Incorporate more HIIT cardio and fat burning exercises into your training routine to burn extra calories as every little bit helps.

Be patient, disciplined and stay hungry for your success and you will see astonishing results from your hard work.

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