Ice Cube Turns 50: Celebrates The Biggest Role Of His Life

…there and be involved. Don’t sit on the sideline and leave it for your wife to do.”

“I don’t want to share my overall game, but this I can say: being true to myself as a movie fan is part of it. I’m not taking the role of “I’m Ice Cube, I know what people want.” Instead, I ask myself: “What films do I want to see as a consumer?” For me, that’s where you start. Of course, I’ve always recognized opportunities, from 1989 and N.W.A until present. I’m not holding myself back and I’m exploiting opportunities that are there, working hard and staying true to myself. This has translated well with the audience. It looks like people want what I want, and I give them that and it all works out.

“My wife and I come up with the ultimate game plan. I then give marching orders to my team, which is a really good team. They’re now starting to understand what makes me tick, what I’m all about and what I want, so now they bring things to the table that they know I’m interested in. For so many years I’ve been a self-guided missile, but now I’ve opened up a little bit more to suggestions from other people about what I should do with my career, what’s the next step. Some of the advice I take, most of it I don’t.”

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