4 Moves For V-Cut Abs [VIDEO]

Ok, so let’s say now you’ve got the abs you wanted. The six pack is in full effect. Now it’s time to finish the job off with a nice V-Cut. For some reason the V-Cut is like the creme de la creme of fitness. It shows people, women especially, that you really care about your physique. The V-Cut, also known as “sex lines,” take a lot of intense hours in the gym and strict dieting to achieve.

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World-class athlete and celebrity trainer, Wayne Gordon, is here to show you how to get the women going crazy with his 4 surefire methods to becoming a lean mean V-Cut machine.  This Grokker fitness guru knows a thing or two about physique. You might recognize him as Doom from the popular UK TV series The Gladiators.

Wayne gives us the lowdown on how to take your body to war with these strenuous exercises. You’ll be taking your shirt off in no time!