What Popping Pimples Actually Does To Your Skin

African American woman checking face for pimples in mirror

Picking, poking and popping the occasional zit may seem fairly harmless. But in reality, irritating that pesky pimple puts your skin at risk of things far worse, such as:

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Inflammation If you think that pimple looks frightful now, what affect do you think picking and poking will have on its appearance? Make it worse of course! All that pressing and pulling (even breaking the skin) on your pimple only damages the skin around it, causing more redness and swelling in the long run.

Nasty scabs What’s harder to cover a pimple or a scab? A scab! When you pop a pimple, in turn releasing pus (a thick yellowish opaque liquid consisting of dead white blood cells and bacteria, produced in infected tissue) it scabs over. Then what? You’re tempted pick at the scab. Talk about a vicious cycle! Take it from me, scabs are almost impossible to cover with concealer. Instead, treat your pimple with a cream containing benzoyl peroxide, like Clean & Clear Persa-Gel and use very little makeup to cover it up as it heals.