7 Ways To Stay Cool At The Hottest Summer Festivals

Sandria Washington House Music Festival

It’s festival season! With summer well underway, you’re likely to hit a variety of irresistible summer shows like Essence Festival, Afropunk Fest, FYF Fest, Neon Desert Music Festival and Lollapalooza, among others. Many summer music festivals, featuring a nonstop lineup of bands and entertainers, often go late into the night. Raging under the blistering sun all day can take its toll on the body, putting you at increased risk for dehydration and heat stroke.

In anticipation of festival goers everywhere turning up in the name of good music, food and friends, we’ve compiled a list of 7 ways to stay cool as you act a fool!

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1. Dress appropriately – While some festivals can be as much about fashion as music, it shouldn’t be a catwalk. When shopping for festival attire, keep color and fit in mind. Steer away from black, polyester or heavy denim. Light-colored clothing in organic fabrics are breathable and reflect sunlight. Flowy cuts and textured gear will also increase air flow to your skin, keeping you cooler all day long.

Tip: If you’re headed to a beach festival or plan on getting wet, consider swapping out your day-to-day undergarments for a bathing suit top and bottom.

2. Pack light – Think campsite, not the Four Seasons. Considering you’ll be lugging your items around with you, the lighter you pack, the more comfortable you’ll be. Small items like cooling fans, hats, tank tops, a swimsuit, small blanket, cute sunnies, and a reusable water bottle are all lightweight, useful options.

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3. You are what you eat – Eating heavy can raise your body temperature and even dehydrate you. Eat smaller meals but more often.  Try snacks like nuts and fruit to give you energy and keep you replenished.